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Why we should stop using bikes (motorcycles)

The population of India is growing exponentially and the need for transport facilities is on the rise. Bikes (motorcycles) came to a rescue to many Indians. Almost everyone todays owns and rides a two-wheeler. Using two wheeler has been over done now. Even going to a nearby store, one uses a bike. We forgot to walk and we got diabetes. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Instead, we go to a gym in a bike and do treadmill. Whats the point? 

We started using bikes to save time on waiting for a bus. But now we spend hours of our valuable time in social media. What if we use that time to walk, wait for a bus or a train and commute like the olden days. 

How much of Petrol we spend collectively across the country because of using a two wheeler. And whats is the worst thing? Today's younger generation are faster adapting this bike culture and Bike companies are seeing strong revenue estimates. Do we have enough spaces on the roads for all these new bike riders ? 

Rise of two wheelers has deterred the growth of Public transportation. Today, many have felt the pain of owning a two wheeler when they don't find a place to park the vehicle when they come home. At least we should stop buying new bikes anymore. Try to use public transportation as much as you can. Its possible. Its just you have to wake up a little early to commute. Stay healthy and have a happy journey !