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USA sandwiched between the two North Koreas

The USA is sandwiched between of two North Koreas, and Yes its true .the world has two North Koreas -One True north Korea and the other its shadow, the other North Korea The Pakistan.

The world is with emerging risk of two clandestine Siamese twins who have sworn an oath to destabilize world peace.

One is North Korea –A Declared totalitarian, Kimocratic- and the other a Pakistan- a   Veiled totalitarian military regime.

Pakistan`s democratic credibility is very well known, as more than 60 percent of its duration of the nation was  under  proxy democracy and is run and ruined by the military regime .

And its counter  part, younger brother the  North Korea is run by the Kimocracy (Kim il sung, Kim Jong  il, Kim Jong Un)

The  USA and the world peace is at its stake as these war mongering and terror bred nations test their nuclear and missile systems through their clandestine, barter deals for reciprocative missile and nuclear deals.

ECONOMY: Both are foreign aid dependent economies and can go bankrupt, without aid.

The USA has for long time given economic aid to Pakistan ,not as bread crumbs but as Burger itself.While China has given the North Korean regime few bread crumbs for its economic sustenance.Both thrive on it.

Intelligence agencies, the ISI and the State Security Department of the North Korea rule the roost in both these countries.

China will project its proxy powers through the North Korea, Pakistan and will definitely see to that the USA will be entangled in an eternal spider web.

Pakistan is a dubious ally on war on terror for the USA  and while North Korea, an all time ally.Belligerence pays for them and they play as victims rather than world convicts of evil and terrorism.