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Top Indian firms Data for sale on Darknet

Oct 4 2017 

Data of 6000 indian firms including SBI, TCS, ICICI, Flipkart, SBI, Aadhar, EPF, ISRO, Aircel, Idea Telecom, DRDO is on sale for 15 Bitcoins (around 42 lakhs in indian currency) on the darknet. 

Darknet or darkweb is a separate web like internet only accessible with specific browser(Tor) and network configurations. Illegal things happen on the darknet like drugs, hacks, etc., 

Quickheal, a security company has found an advertisement on the darknet in which data stolen from 6000 indian companies is put for sale by the hacker. Posing as an interested buyer, the hacker was contacted for a sample of email list and shockingly his claim is found to be true. The hacker also has an offering to attack and compromise these companies for a undisclosed amount. 

The hacker also claims he has hacked an Internet registry and can control the IP pools. This could severely affect the internet services across India like Denial of Service attack (Dos attack). 

Quickheal has alerted government organisations and companies to secure their systems and change passwords for all the accounts. If the hacker gets a potential buyer, then the damage could be very severe.

Source : Business Line