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Startup Ideas

Looking for startup ideas is good. Not everyone who wants to start up faces a  problem and comes up with a solution. Many times we only find ideas which are not unique. I believe these ideas are original and unique.

1. Fly on our own - A device like drone or parachute using which we can fly safely from our home terrace to anywhere short distance in the city. This will solve the traffic problem and save time. Its exciting too !

2. An alternative to the 12+ year of regular school education system. There is no unwanted subjects and useless topics. A system to live your life by learning life skills, tech skills, coding skills, business skills, political skills, etc. The syllabus will be based on individual interests and talents. There should be no exams and marks.

3. A small laser device to cure eye sight problems - short sight and long sight. Any one can buy the device and cure themselves easily. No longer have to use spectacles.

4. A course in which anyone interested can join and become a politician. The course will teach the government functioning, how constitution works, roles and responsibilities of a minister, how to run a government.

5. An inexpensive farming kit using which we can grow our own vegetables at home. We can grow vegetables like Tomatoes, onions, potatoes, etc.

6. Build technologies or systems or concepts to bring 100% transparency in governments and eliminate corruption completely.

7. Build a miniature of a recording studio for elearning course creators. It could be a small device like alexa which has a professional grade microphone, video camera and storage. Also, this device can be used for quality live streaming.

8. An easy and cheap way to make beer at home. Just like we make instant coffee. We mix a instant beer mix in water or soda and make a beer. If you do this, you could be the next Vijay Mallya.

9. In countries like India, when a person visits a doctor, there is no health records maintained. An online platform can be created in which a doctor enters the Aadhar Number of a person and sees the previous medical history of that person.

10. Create a payment gateway for India with zero transaction charges. Indian government has introduced UPI framework for bank transactions. However payment gateways charge 2 to 4 % of every transaction.

Hope these ideas will inspire your thoughts.

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